tisdag 15 september 2009

Utmarken booze hound supergroup. 5 long and monotonous tracks of dizzy freedom rock, definitely something Heinz Hopf would approve of with a big, sleazy grin. Some strange stuff here, put some The Velvet Underground and Spacemen 3 in a meat grinder and add some primitive BM influences for a good measure. Then there is that catchy Gothenburgian 80's postpunk vibe over it at the same time, and all this without really sounding like anything mentioned at all. Maybe some Circle of Ouroborus? Repetitive riffs played over and over again until ears are bleeding and Def Leppard backpatches are falling off. Everything very much stripped down. Parts of this recording feels like the music your pain-in-the-ass neighbour (the one with the terrible acne and the Yamaha DT) played with his bully friends in that garage, but with the main difference that this is actually good. Inhale the glue and enjoy. Lyrics in swedish = good choice. 40 minutes.

Late summer 2009. Two black shadows and a slew of obscureness. A mysterious tape is circulating, and a copy ends up in the fabulous Nattens Bödlar mansion. Lust For Youth. Some correspondence, and then an agreement. Sickness, 6 new tracks from Lust For Youth, was given to the label. To judge by the sound, the master had probably been buried 5 feets down in the ground for at least a few months. Most likely longer, just for the sake of it. Haven't heard anything this murky since... well, that first demo? Taking a more cold wave-ish direction, this hits hard with direct melodies and a weird, fucked up melancholic feeling. Tracks like 'Embrace A Dream' and 'I Got Nothing' are simply instant classics. Romantic music, in the sense of digging up a rotten corpse and making love to it like there is no tomorrow. Cascades of filth, cascades of shit. What's next, Gothenburg? 30 minutes.


Tapes are 50skr each + shipping. Send your order to ungdompaglid@gmail.com and wait for further instructions. Hail.


tisdag 16 juni 2009

Follows up the feedback-mayhem that was released on Gothenburg Blood Cult earlier this year. More in the vein of the track that was contributed to the Ett Annat Göteborg compilationtape, KB is here laying down a cold and atmospheric recording with a ritualistic feel. Total isolation. Violating instruments and choking in despair. Recorded directly to tape in June 2009 with no preparations at all (vocals was added a few weeks later). 5 tracks, 24 minutes. Edition of 25 tapes, will be released as a 12" on Nattmaran late 2009. SOLD OUT.

Seeing boys with their mums, coming out of school, rain still falling down on me... Dedicated to Enzo G. Castellari, the debuttape from the hooded maniac behind GBG Rovente consists of a 15 minute long slow remix of De Angelis brothers amazing 'Driving All Around'. B-side is a nice J&B drenched cocktail of several Castellari trailers and some other odds and ends. Still available.